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CRD Contributors

The CRD Network is a DAO, we’re led by our community. But here are some of the main contributors to the Network’s day-to-day operations, along with the people involved with strategic partnerships we have with other organizations:

Amine Larhrib

Founder & CEO

Rav Padda

Director & MLRO of Cryptaldash Ltd

Shiv Sud

CFO of Cryptaldash Ltd

Bjoern Roesinger

Member of the Board of Cryptaldash Ltd

Levent Yilmaz

Head of OTC of Cryptaldash Ltd

Hani Hallak

Operational Risk _ Compliance Officer of Cryptaldash Ltd

Dmitry Ivanov P

IT Operations Manager of Cryptaldash Ltd; Product Manager of CRD

Clarisse Sarvonat

CEO of Ubrandify

Duncan Symmons

CTO of Touchfire

Tara Purcell

Executive Secretary of Cryptaldash Ltd

Nathan Vandy

Head of Legal at WACEO

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