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Join The Biggest CRD Airdrop!

Get FREE CRD Tokens until September 20th, by registering and following the steps below.

You can get your free CRD token until September 20th, if you follow the rules below:

Tier 1:
Get 500 CRD

Follow us on social media to receive 500 CRDs


Retweet Airdrop pinned post on Twitter and in the reply:

Tag at least three of your friends
Tag @CRDnetwork
 Add hashtag #crdbomb920

and get additional 500 CRD to your wallet!

Tier 2:
Multiply your CRD Investment

Users who exchange ETH for a minimum of 10 000 CRD in the Sushiswap or Tacoswap ETH-CRD liquidity pool and hold these CRD in their address from 20th of June till the 20th of September, will receive an airdrop of CRD matching the amount they have exchanged.

The Airdrop will happen in 3 phases: 


If you do the exchange from 20th June to 20th of July - we will match 100% of exchanged CRD amount


If you do the exchange from 20th of July to 20th of August - we will match 50% of exchanged  CRD amount 


If you do the exchange from 20th of August to 20th of September - we will match 25% of exchanged CRD amount 

In case there will be more than 80M CRD bought & held, airdrop will be distributed on a first come, first served basis,  from 20th September to 20th of October  in 3 stages (in the same order as stages 1-3).

Remember that you need to hold your CRD for the duration of this airdrop. If you transfer your CRD to another wallet you won’t be eligible for the Tier 2 rewards!

The event will be broadcasted in our Telegram group and rewards will be distributed daily on a first-come, first-served basis until October 20th.