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DeFi Compliant KYC

KYC - making you legally compliant across leading DeFi applications.


Know-Your-Customer (KYC) is a standard procedure carried out by all regulated financial institutions to verify the identity of their clients.

KYC standards are designed to protect financial institutions against fraud, money laundering, and financing of terrorism.

Unfortunately, DeFi environment is currently not compliant (non-KYC based).

This means that DeFi users transact with each other without legal assurance or protection. 

For all you know, you may be interacting with people who use DeFi for criminal activities. The risk of legal and financial consequences is high. 

KYC with CRD Network

We all want to operate within DeFi ecosystem legally & safely.

Which is why CRD Network is building a KYC system specifically designed for DeFi.

We’re already fully licensed and regulated.

When you pass your KYC with us:


We’ll bring your compliance to dApp


We’ll confirm that you’re a trustworthy account

In short, we’ll make your crypto compliant. And trustworthy. 

And you’ll stay anonymous! DeFi apps will be able to check your KYC, but not your personal info. Which is how you want it.

But there’s more

When you pass your KYC with CRD Network, you’ll be able to:


Register your KYC once, use it for all services on the NetworkIssue valid proof of funds to traditional banksGenerate legal records for your taxes


Sidestep countless third-party KYC checks

You’ll also participate in creating compliant & anonymous crypto space – so thank you!

KYC as a service.


KYC as a service

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) protocols are among the most basic requirements for financial institutions around the world. It involves understanding the user’s identity...

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