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CRD Network DAO Manifesto

What the CRD Network believes in

The CRD Network has changed a lot from its original inception. To a major extent, it has even had to fundamentally alter its business model to remain relevant in the everchanging technological landscape.

Yet, despite the fact that circumstances have changed how we express our intent, what hasn’t changed are our fundamental beliefs.

To that end, as the CRD Network matures into a DeFi Network that bridges the crypto and fiat world, we would like to share our beliefs and goals - and you can hold us to them if we happen to accidentally stray away from them in our day-to-day operations.

1 - Transparency & Honesty

The CRD Network is an environment in which every participant can see every transaction that happens on the network. Transparency is built into our systems as a matter of course.

However, being transparent is not enough to create trust. As being able to look into a system is not useful if you don’t understand what is happening. Hence, at every moral crossroad, we will prioritize truth over profits.

Maintaining the truth isn’t just about transparency, but being forthwith and relevant with information. We won’t hide behind jargon, or unnecessary complexity when addressing you.

At times, this might negatively affect us momentarily, but we think it worth it to maintain a community that believes in us.

2 - Listen to the community and remain accountable

Most of the code that comprises the CRD Network is Open-Source and endlessly duplicable. So we cannot maintain a competitive advantage with the typical things that a business might usually leverage to achieve market dominance - superior technology, high barriers to entry, etc.

In other words, we only do well when we have a large and good community that supports the ecosystem.

We strive to always maintain open two-way channels of communications.

3 - Providing a stable business environment is a priority

As we mentioned in our White Paper, the CRD Token is not designed to be a token for speculation. It is meant to be a utility token that allows you to operate in the CRD Network seamlessly.

The stability of the CRD to ensure a predictable business environment is a top priority.

4 - Focus on use cases instead of flashy gimmicks

Tech startups, and even mature tech companies, often make the mistake of valuing a new technological application over actual utility and practicality.

While experimentation and being willing to try never before seen things are an important part of innovation, we will err on the conservative side. After all, the CRD Network is meant to be a dependable environment.

So when we incorporate a new technology into our system, it will be done after a thorough risk analysis and verifiable use case that our community would have, instead of just changing things for the sake of changing them.

5 - Maintaining trust is more important than profit

When an organization grows, circumstances often present themselves wherein they can chip away at the accrued goodwill of their community to increase their bottom line. Many entities take this quick paycheck and over time erode everything that made them worthwhile.

We are a community first DAO - so we believe that building and maintaining a stellar reputation is worth the cost.

6 - Complex technology should be simple to use

While the CRD Network is a cross-disciplinary system that utilizes the expertise of programmers, data scientists, economists, cryptographers and lawyers, we believe that every person should be able to use our systems, no matter their level of education.

We will endeavour to build systems that have varying levels of complexity. So each user decides what level of tolerance they have for the difficulty they engage with.

But at their core, the apps should be usable by anyone who’s literate.

7 - Long term thinking leads to better results

Startups often prioritize fast growth over stable growth. It’s much quicker to create a pile of bricks than it is to build a house. Yet only one of the two structures will survive the test of time.

The CRD Network will favour stable growth over the long term, instead of fast and unstable growth that likely leads to systemic crashes.

8 - Marketing is no substitute for usability

The average startup spends 40% of its capital on marketing for customer acquisition and brand awareness. We believe this is the wrong way to approach matters.

Marketing is important, but it shouldn’t be the main expense in a tech platform. Solving problems should be the priority. If one solves problems that various communities have, word of mouth will do much more to build awareness than any marketing campaign.

9 - If it’s legal and ethical it should be allowed on our platform

Many of the existing dominant tech platforms nowadays spend too much time policing the behaviours of their users. They become moral arbiters, wherein they enforce their version of what is right or shut them off completely from their platforms.

This goes counter to the principles of accessibility and uses that we want to achieve in the CRD Network. We will endeavour to remain a politically neutral platform, insofar as is possible. However, we will also address any infringement of the principles of good behaviour between users.

10 - Learn from your mistakes

As aspirational as all these beliefs and goals are, we will occasionally fail to meet them. Hindsight is often necessary to see where a decision ultimately took you. But if a mistake has been made, it is necessary to acknowledge it and course correct.

We are human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to be better. And we hope that in time we can design systems that improve the lives of every person in the world.


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