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CRD Network Policy on Tech Funds

This Policy describes the main rules that apply to all tech projects carried out by third-party technical services providers (collectively, «providers») aiming to the technical development of the CRD Network. The rules established in this Policy are binding and act as a legal supplement to all contracts between CRD Network and providers that undertake tech projects aiming at the technical development of the CRD Network. Therefore, all providers shall comply with the rules mentioned below.

This Policy sets the main rules regarding:

The governance of the tech project.

The progression of the tech project.

Best practices of billing.

Governance of the tech project

Every tech project contributing to the technical development of CRD Network is commissioned by the governing bodies of CRD Network. CRD Network's governing bodies determine the scope and means of the tech project. All providers delivering the tech project provide services on behalf of CRD Network. For the purpose of transparency of governance, CRD Network’s governing bodies may supervise tasks related to the ongoing tech project and may give specific instructions regarding proper execution. All providers shall comply with CRD Network's governing bodies’ instructions.

Progression of the tech project

For the purposes of transparency of governance, all providers shall apply an initial timetable of execution to the CRD Network governing bodies. Furthermore, on a biweekly basis, all providers shall apply a written report to the CRD Network governing bodies providing specific information about the progression of the tech project and the individual tasks involved. Both the results achieved in the previous period of time as well as the pending issues shall be reported. All information provided shall be full, clear and accurate.

On a biweekly basis, CRD Network may share a link with the providers on the YouTube channel of the CRD Network, where all providers shall upload a livestream video presentation of the progress of the tech project and the individual tasks involved.

Best practices of billing

All providers shall apply best practices of billing. Therefore, the management of the funds providers initially receive shall be specifically justified. For this reason, every tech project is initially separated into individual milestones corresponding to specific value costs. Before engaging into any milestone, all providers shall apply a written report to the CRD Network governing bodies describing the total cost-evaluation of the milestone. Corresponding invoices and any relative documents shall also be attached to the report. All information provided shall be full, clear and accurate. Only in the case that the written report is accepted by CRD Network's governing bodies, shall the providers engage into the milestone.

No milestone can be engaged before the previous one is completed, reviewed and approved by CRD Network's governing bodies.

Changes to the Policy

CRD Network reserves the right to, and may from time to time, make changes to this Policy. In case any changes to the policy are made, the providers will be informed about the revised Policy via email or other contact info they may apply. Providers shall check their email frequently. Continued use of CRD Network's services constitutes acceptance of such changes in this Policy, except where further steps are required by applicable law. It is the providers' responsibility to review the Policy periodically. This Policy was last updated on the date set out at the end of the Policy.

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Last Updated: April 10th, 2021

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