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Tech Update, Sept 2nd

Hi guys, 

Another tech update after  the summer holidays!

We had small delays in the launch as we needed to make sure all the features are up and running, and we are excited to share with you that we have launched our KYC product which is very easy to use - screening is done with just a selfie and an ID.

You are probably wondering what else we’ve been working on - we also finished the sandbox integration with a bank and a licensed custody provider.

KYC, banking and custody services will  serve as a base to work on the  fiat-to-crypto flow,  along with many other potential services.  

The ETA for  Bank & Custody services launch is at the end of September.

How does our KYC app work?

You can create an account here, pass the KYC, then connect your Metamask and link your ETH address to the system via our Proof-of-KYC smart contract using a separate menu.

Finally, you can perform ERC20 token Swaps via a plugin, and all transactions via this plugin would be considered as compliant by the system. 

We are also planning to add a signed source of funds report which will allow you to extract all transactions made with us and present it to your bank if needed!

What’s next?

Below you can see our current tech roadmap. Fingers crossed no delays happen!

In September, we will be working on a crypto provider integration and a new project - not sharing any details until it’s ready to go live.

See you soon with our next update! 


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