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What Is CRD Network?

The CRD Network is not just a bridge between crypto and fiat, but also between the present and the future.

For practical purposes, the money you have in your bank account and in the cryptocurrency sphere are on entirely different planets. Traditional financial institutions have been unwilling to provide services to crypto, while blockchain projects didn’t have the infrastructure to build the connection by themselves...until now!

The CRD Network is a decentralized bridge between crypto and normal cash transactions. It operates as an API infra Hub - a data stream aggregator - and it is a sidechain to ETH. In other words, through its connection with Ethereum, it has a direct link to crypto, while the link with traditional finance is achieved by plugging into banks’ APIs. It bears saying that internal transactions are logged and processed via its own CRD Token (which you can buy CRD here). 

While can find the full White Paper here, the TL;DR summary is that this ecosystem allows you to make and receive payments in any of the world’s major currencies, digital or fiat, as well as build apps that utilize this environment. At its core, that’s what the CRD Network is - a place where you can build cool decentralized finance apps which are able to seamlessly interact with the whole world.

The environment is open-source, so anything goes, the limits are entirely dependent on your imagination. Already we have multiple interesting projects, such as:

  • Creator Bank: A digital neobank that can store your crypto and fiat currencies, issue loans and make payments via a fully customizable card with cashback functionality.
  • BitClout Integration: Buy Creator Coins of your favourite influencers directly with your normal bank account, stake your Creator Coins and receive daily rewards, or short sell a Creator Coin if you think they’re going to lose popularity.
  • NIFTIT: Mint NFTs and divide them into tradable Fragments, to be able to trade portions thereof in live decentralized exchanges.

We’re constantly adding new functionalities, and we’re also looking for talent with new use cases as well. The reason being that the CRD Network operates as a startup incubator as we can provide talented developers with the tools necessary to make their dreams come true.

The CRD Network is the future of financial transactions and will give everyday people access to easy and streamlined banking services all around the world. 

We’re not just a bridge between crypto and fiat, but also between the present and the future.

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