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This page describes the CRD Network’s DeFi banking functionalities, available financial instruments and the Debit/Credit cards to withdraw money, irrespective of the form of your account’s assets.

Creators Bank Lite Paper

Instead of having 50 different accounts whose passwords and login details you need to remember at all times, The Creators Bank seeks to bring the contents of your crypto wallets, along with your legacy banking account into a single simple to use dashboard.

The end deployment of the platform will allow you to:

Hold EUR and GBP in a legacy bank account, which has depositary insurance of up to  €100,000/£85,000 by EDIS and the FSCS organizations.

Hold most major cryptocurrencies and all ERC-20 tokens in one wallet.

Hold NFTs and tokenized NFT Fragments minted through NIFTIT, or acquired elsewhere.

Empowering our users

Creators Bank aspires to be your one stop shop for all your financial instruments. As such, we plan on having derivatives, synthetic assets, collateralized loans, insurance and much more!

Most importantly though, we are aiming to create a legally compliant environment that helps you keep track of your assets and tax obligations based on your transactions.

Debit/Credit Cards

Once the bank is fully operational, we will also be able to issue fully customizable cards, which can be used to withdraw cash or pay for goods and services online and offline, all while being able to utilize your crypto-assets, or currency of your choice in your wallet.

You will also be able to earn cashback rewards with us as CRD, NFT Fragments, or BitClout Creator Coins.

Access to the First Seamless Cash  On/Off Ramp

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