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For Developers

Let’s say you’re a developer with a cool new FinTech idea, but to make it happen you would need resources and help to scale it.

That’s where the CRD Network comes in. We can help you with all of the above and more!

The CRD Network is a DeFi ecosystem, and so each new user and use case improves the whole system. As such, we’re interested in creating an environment where good projects that enhance all our lives get built and not forgotten.

Send us a message, and if the idea is interesting, we can help you out! We aim to work as a startup incubator by providing you with seed capital, good contacts and a ready-built audience.

The seed capital comes from our treasury, the contacts from our network of like-minded individuals, and the ready-built audiences come by pairing your project with existing influencers with large communities, which help make sure that your idea has a product-market fit.

Then, once the idea is fully built, it is deployed on the CRD Network and you can earn income from its operations.

If you have any passion projects that you would like to see made with our help, then please apply with the form below. We’re quite excited to see your ideas and work with you!

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Developer Use Cases

Trader Smart Dashboard

An integrated dashboard for traders that looks holistically across all accounts and exchanges to get an overview of a trader’s entire financial situation, including P&L of trades and tax liabilities.

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For Developers: Build Smart Dashboard

This use case is for developers to build a smart financial dashboard solution that can be used for multiple niche markets, such as traders, landlords, contractors and retailers.

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