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This page describes how content producers and artists can issue, tokenize and sell NFTs by utilizing NIFTIT, an app on the CRD Network.

NIFTIT Lite Paper

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets representing ownership over a specific item. It’s a non-reproducible marker of authenticity that is stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.

NIFTIT is a simple tool that allows users to create their own NFTs, assign special characteristics to them, and “fragment” them to create liquid markets out of previously illiquid assets. All this and more in...

4 Simple Steps


Issue an NFT that represents your ownership claims over an asset under your control.


The NFT is fragmented and transforms into a DAO, wherein its tokens/fragments are representative of the NFT as a whole.


For a period of 2 weeks, the fragments are stored in a digital vault which CRD holders can open by exchanging their CRD for the NFT Fragments.


After this period, any remaining fragments are returned to the original person who broke the NFT down, along with the CRD earnings of the auction. At the same time, the fragments become tradable on secondary exchanges.


NFT Fragmentation

By tokenizing NFTs and making portions of them available on secondary marketplaces you can have live valuations of your NFT Fragments...

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NFTs for Art Collectors

An art collector can issue an NIF for his entire collection, issue 100% of shards through the CRD technology and keep 50 or 51% of the shard to keep the majority ownership. By distributing the rest...

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