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Use Case:

Trader Smart Dashboard


An integrated dashboard solution for traders where they can get an overview of their overall financial position in real time - including tax liabilities, tax brackets and profit and loss (P&L) across all their accounts.

Current Situation:

Many traders “trade in the dark” in terms of their actual profit and loss (P&L) and their tax liability, especially when it comes to decentralized finance (DeFi). Most traders have multiple assets on multiple venues (exchanges, DEXes, wallets, yield farms, staking etc) and therefore the financial situation gets complicated quickly.



The solution to the current problem is an integrated dashboard with live data that takes a trader’s overall financial position into account, including taxes owed, current tax bracket, profit & loss across all platforms - in real time. This dashboard looks holistically across all accounts and exchanges to generate live data and build a picture of the actual profit and loss.

The CRD infrastructure (with PSD2 technology integration) can provide all this live data to make this dashboard possible. It can look at income, wages, rental income, other assets and liabilities and tax brackets to generate this complete financial overview in one integrated dashboard.

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